System-on-a-Chip (SoC)

SoM compliant with SMARC 2.0 specification

SXoM-K7 is a complete System-on-Module (SoM)

compliant with the SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture) 2.0 specification by SGET.
The board is designed to function as the system core of modular platforms for
high-performance DSP applications.

High Performance

The core of SXoM-K7 is a Xilinx Zynq Z-7030/7035/7045 SoC (System-on-a-Chip)

that combines a Kintex-7 FPGA fabric featuring 350K logic elements with an ARM-based dual-core hard processor system running at up to 1 GHz, powerful enough to handle real-time processing of 4K video data.


+ Motion capturing & analysis
+ Medical & scientific imaging
+ Security and surveillance
+ High-end machine vision
+ Traffic monitoring
+ Airborne imaging


+ Low-power embedded architecture
+ High-performance data processing
+ Ultra-compact form factor: 82 mm x 50 mm
+ System-on-Module compliant with SMARC 2.0 specification by SGET

+ Powered by Xilinx Zynq Z-7030/7035/7045 SoC
+ Kintex-7 FPGA fabric
+ ARM-based hard processor system
+ 4 Gb DDR3 SDRAM ×32 bit (CPU)
+ 8 Gb DDR3 SDRAM ×32 bit (FPGA)

+ Kintex-7 FPGA fabric
+ 125K - 350K logic elements
+ 9.3 - 19.1 Mb block memory
+ 400 - 900 DSP blocks


+ Dual-core ARM Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ processor, 667 – 1000 MHz clock frequency
+ 5,000 DMIPS (Dhrystone 2.1) at 1,000 MHz (two cores)
+ 32 KB of L1 instruction cache and 32 KB of L1 data cache per processor
+ 512 KB of shared L2 cache
+ 256 KB of on-chip RAM


Block Diagram & Interfaces

Designed as System Core for Modular DSP Platforms

+ Flexible heterogeneous many-core architecture
+ Ideal for real-time high-performance image processing and analysis tasks
+ FPGA and embedded software framework in development

Compatible Evaluation Carrier Boards

+ Any SMARC-compliant evaluation carrier board
   SMARC Reference Carrier Board
+ Advantech ROM-DB5900
   Development Board for SMARC v1.1 RISC Module